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What is the 30x30 Conversation?

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The 30x30 Conversation is a global conversation on how young people can take action in tackling the biggest issues that the world faces.


You may have heard that young people are the ones who will lead global development as we move toward the future. We at UNITE 2030 agree, and want to make the world of sustainable impact accessible for all young people who want to make a difference. We’re asking young people and organizations from around the world to join us for the 30x30 Conversation by responding to 3 questions through a simple online survey.

The 30x30 Conversation is led by young people, for young people, to build a deeper understanding of the needs of young people who are passionate about sustainable change, in addition to people of power and influence from organizations who will help us shape our agenda for our 1st annual Camp 2030 Global Summit in 2020. The findings will be made public and readily available when the Conversation is complete.