Changemaker Community Guidelines

Welcome to the UNITE 2030 Changemaker Community! We are beyond excited to have you.

We are a community of thousands of young innovators, changemakers, entrepreneurs, disrupters, movers, and shakers that is growing by the day. We aim to unite and empower young leaders to take action on critical global challenges, and our community has made this possible. Together, we have built a community that is inspired and connected to lead change. We are devoted to helping one another change the world while pursuing our goals and dreams. We operate on the belief that we believe that everyone can and should change the world, and we must unite and build each other in order to do so.

Founded by Alyssa Chassman in 2016, UNITE 2030 first came together as The International Development House, aimed at empowering young aspiring changemakers to maximize their full potential. What started as just a Facebook group has become a home for thousands of young people across the globe, a place to ask questions, share opportunities, lend a helping hand, collaborate across borders, and form meaningful connections. It’s a place where you can meet like-minded friends, co-founders, innovators, mentors, and changemakers - just like you.

While we work hard to provide resources and connectivity opportunities for our Changemakers, we know that the best resources that we have are knowledge and experience from each of you. This community can only thrive when we bring value to it. So bring your best self, your knowledge, your expertise, and get ready to change the world.

We’re a perfect fit for you if…

  • You want to make the world a better place.

  • You’re passionate about a particular social issue.

  • You care about your work.

  • You’re excited to meet others just like you.

  • You’re looking for your tribe.

  • You’re motivated to uplift and support others.

  • You’re in need of some direction or assistance.

  • You’re interested in entrepreneurship.

  • You already are an entrepreneur.

  • You’re a leader for change.

What We do in the Changemaker Community

We are committed to giving young changemakers all the tools they need to succeed. One of our greatest tools is our Online Community, which you can find today on Facebook. Submit a post anytime, and our Director of Community, Victoria moderates posts daily to ensure each aligns with our Community Guidelines. Your post will either be approved, or you’ll receive a message about rewording/changing to comply with our guidelines.

We encourage you to read through others’ posts and engage. Comments with recommendations, tips, or advice go a long way. Members get the most out of the community when they go the extra mile; messaging someone when they post about a relevant or interesting topic is a guaranteed way to establish a new, valuable connection that could help you reach your goals. You’ll quickly learn that when you post, people care! Reciprocate the love and effort and your tribe and network will grow.

Our Rules


Introduce Yourself: We love to hear from our new members to discover the value that you can bring to the community. Once you join, please introduce yourself to the group!

Offer Support: If you have a skill or strength that you want to share with the world, we love it! Got some secret advice you want to share about something you’ve done, or a valuable experience that you think other members can benefit from, please send it our way so that others can benefit from it too.

Be Respectful: Often times, many of the topics we are discussing can be contentious. In your posts, comments, and engagements, always be respectful of others’ experiences and viewpoints. Refrain from using foul language, and always approach people’s viewpoints with respect. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, but it does mean you have to be respectful. If you see something you don’t like, just scroll on past. Members who do not adhere to this rule will be removed from the group immediately, and without warning.

Be Detailed: If your post is vague or ambiguous, we may ask you to reword it before we accept the post.

Give More than You Got: If you intend to provide value to others, you’ll get in back a thousand-fold. We have countless members who are willing and dedicated to offering their skills and assistance. The members who give the most, get the most back.

Connect with Others: Ask to meet up with other members who are in your city or community! There is bound to be someone in the group who wants to connect and meet up. Meeting up with others is a great way to keep the community thriving and vibrant.

Be Original: Please do not spam the group with posts that yo have posted across several different groups. If you’re looking to advertise, this isn’t the group for you.


Sell: The purpose of our community is to provide value to others. When you sell, advertise, or market your initiatives, opportunities, and organizations, it takes away from the value that we can bring to the community. If your post is solely committed to extracting value for your business/organization/personal gain, your post will be deleted, and if you are a repeat offender, we may remove you from the Community at large.

Self Promote: We love that you’re accomplishing big things! However, the Community is not a place to post your self-promotional posts or accolades. If you want a social media shoutout, please fill out a request form.

Share Events, Blogs, or Random Content: Please do not clog up the feed with events, blogs, or content. There are a lot of events and opportunities out there, and we want to keep the community free of spam.

Harass Other Members: We have a zero tolerance policy about harassment. If you are being harassed, please contact us immediately at, and provide screenshots where possible. If you have been harassing members for any reason other than productive professional networking, you will be immediately removed.