What is a Hackathon? **

A Hackathon is an immersive event in which people step out of their comfort zone, working by themselves or with others, to break down a problem. Hackathons come in all shapes and sizes. They're really popular in the gaming/tech community. They're excellent learning experiences, and help walk you through the processes that come alongside solving problems.

Is there a cost to participating in UNITE 2030? **

Participating in UNITE 2030 is mostly funded, however we do require a small payment in order to secure your space. This accounts for the time spent allocating your team, designating team mentors, etc. The Alumni cost is £15, the Early-Bird cost is £25, and the General cost is £35.

Do I need an idea to come to UNITE? **

Nope! Some Hackathons require that you come to the event with an idea in mind. We ain't doing it that way. When the Hackathon begins, you'll receive information with your prompt - and part of the Hackathon process is coming up with an idea while you're there. All you need to bring to the Hackathon is an energised spirit and willingness to learn.

What do I create when I'm there? **

We'll explain everything on the day. You'll more or less come up with a business or project idea based on the scenario we give you. Your team will come up with an Action Plan, and provide us with documentation showing that you've thought through how you'll implement that Action Plan. But have faith :)

Can I join a team with my friend? **

Sorry - we form the teams ourselves! That's to keep everyone at a fair advantage. If you select the same SDG as your friend, though, you might, by chance, end up on the same team. But don't bank on it!

How are the teams formed? **

When you register for UNITE, you'll preference your top 3 SDGs of choice, out of the 6 that we'll be tackling during the event. We can't promise that you'll get your first SDG of choice, but we'll try our very best to make sure that everyone gets to work on a project that they're passionate about.

Do we work through the night? **

The short answer is... it's up to your team! Official programming stops at 7pm UK time on Saturday, and resumes again at 9am on Sunday. If your team so decides, you are welcome to continue working / or not working in the interim between Saturday and Sunday.

Do I need a visa/flights/accommodation?/Will you sponsor me for a visa? **

NO! The great thing about UNITE 2030 is that it's a VIRTUAL event! That means that you don't even need to leave your sofa! There are no visas/flights/accommodation involved when you're sofa-sitting!

Do we need to actually implement our project? **

We would LOVE to see you implement your project after UNITE. But you are under no obligation to do so. If you do choose to do so, we recommend you consult IDHouse staff before implementing.

Who owns the rights to our project when we're finished?

The great thing is that YOU do! All individuals and teams retain full ownership of your ideas when UNITE is over. We want you to feel safe knowing that all of your project ideas are yours for the keeping.

Is there a Hashtag for the event? **

Duh! It's #UNITE2030, and #TheIDHouse.

I have a question. How do I reach you? **

You can tweet us @TheIDHouse, or email the lead event organiser alyssa@theidhouse.com.