Frequently Asked Questions

What is UNITE 2030?

UNITE 2030 is a global forum of young leaders taking action to eliminate poverty, inequality, and climate change by the year 2030. Through our community and Summit series, we connect global citizens and action takers, and provide a place to formulate new solutions to global challenges, collaborate cross-culturally on global projects, and showcase your impact to the world. With each UNITE Summit, we invite the world's next generation of changemakers to formulate solutions to global challenges, growing our community and impacting the world.

What is UNITEx?

UNITEx is our series of independently organized Summits. UNITEx brings the spirit of UNITE 2030 to local communities who are in need of societal change. UNITEx events are organized by UNITE Global Ambassadors who have attended UNITE 2030 Summits, and are independently licensed to host a UNITEx Summit in their community.

What is the difference between The IDHouse and UNITE 2030?

UNITE 2030 is the Flagship program of The International Development House. The International Development is the organizational body that runs and supports the UNITE 2030 communtiy and summits.

I'm new here. How do I get involved?

First of all, hi! It's nice to meet you. We're happy you're interested in getting involved. First, we recommend signing up to be added to our private, members-only community. From there, you can create a profile on our website and access opportunities and apply for UNITE 2030. UNITE 2030 and UNITEx Summits are open for applications even if you're not a member of our community, though.

How do I apply for UNITE 2030 or UNITEx?

The Application process for UNITE 2030 and UNITEx is very simple. Step 1) Select a Summit you want to apply for. Step 2) Complete your application. Step 3) Your application will be reviewed by your team, and if you are successful, you will receive an email from our team. Step 4) Pay your registration fee. Step 5) You are now a UNITE 2030 Changemaker and will be receive further information regarding the Summit shortly.

Why do I have to pay to participate?

As much as we would love to make UNITE free for all, the cost of the registration fee covers the operating costs for The IDHouse to continue running the Summits and our Ambasador program. Without the registration fee, we cannot continue to offer you services that help you change the world!

I can't afford to pay. Can you waive my registration fee?

Unfortunately, we do not make any exceptions to the registration fee. We do, however, offer occasional scholarships to attend UNITE 2030, which are always updated on our website. If you are accepted to the program, you will receive resources that will support you in fundraising the cost of your registration, if you so choose.

Who is eligible to apply for UNITE 2030 and UNITEx?

You must be between ages 18 and 30 to attend a UNITE Summit. We do not make exceptions to this rule. We're looking for the world's most dedicated and passionate changemakers - so if you're dedicated to creating change in your community and the world, please apply.

I'm a part of a team/group/organization. Can we apply as a group?

No. We do not currently accept group applications.

I have an idea/existing initiative that I want support for. Can I apply for UNITE 2030 to get support for my idea?

UNITE 2030 is a Summit for new ideas. While we encourage you to apply for UNITE 2030 regardless, you will not be working on your existing idea during the Summit.

I know I won't be selected. So why should I bother applying?

We are looking for changemakers who are passionate about making the world a better place, who have taken steps toward this goal and who plan to continue their work. If that sounds like you, we really do urge you to overcome your feelings of self doubt and apply! If you do not at least apply then you know that you definitely won't get selected! Believe in yourself, show us that you are passionate, show us that you are motivated. You never know what may happen.

I want to be a UNITE Local Ambassador but I haven't participated in UNITE. What do I do?

Only if you have attended a UNITE Summit do you become a UNITE Local Ambassador. If you want to become a UNITE Ambassador, apply for a UNITE Summit!

When will I find out if I have been selected to a UNITE Summit?

We accept applications for all UNITE Summits on a rolling basis, which means that once a UNITE Summit is full, we will close the application process. If you are not selected to attend a UNITE Summit, you will be informed by email when your application has been reviewed. You are always welcome to apply for another UNITE Summit if you have not been selected.

Can I host a UNITEx Summit in my community?

If you are currently a UNITE Local Ambassador, you are eligible to host a UNITEx Summit in your community. Please contact us at if you are interested in hosting a UNITEx Summit.

Will you fund my idea after UNITE 2030?

The International Development House does not directly fund any ideas that come out of UNITE 2030 or UNITEx. However during UNITE Summits, you have the opportunity to present your ideas to a wide-spread audience, opening the doors for potential collaboration and funding. It is an excellent platform for getting your ideas heard.