Joining our membership will help you unlock your potential, with access to unique insight, an unrivaled global network of worldchangers and practical tools with mentorship - all with the common goal of making the world a better place.

Ambassadors harness the collective expertise of a global community of young changemakers and develop their own step-by-step blueprint for success.

Being an Ambassador includes:

  • Innovation and Action: Once your application to become an Ambassador is approved, you can attend any UNITE 2030 Summit you want - at any time. UNITE 2030 Summits connect you with Ambassadors, and put you in the forefront of young leaders around the globe.

  • Tools and Advisory: Our proven tools, events, and connections will allow you to create outstanding change, with the best resources, advice, and mentorship in the game.

  • Leadership Network: Connect with a growing community of both young changemakers and expertise.

To become a UNITE 2030 Ambassador, you must first attend a UNITE 2030 Summit. Anyone who attends a UNITE 2030 Summit automatically gains access to our Ambassador community.