Goals for UNITE 2030


Spur creativity and innovation for the Global Goals.

We know from experience that innovation and creativity is essential for achieving the Global Goals by the year 2030. Hackathons spark creativity, as they force individuals and groups to think outside the box within a short time frame; There's not a lot of time to be logical - but there's lots of time to get creative. 


Achieve a clear understanding amongst young people of new implementation strategies in order to maximise impact and potential for world change.    

It's difficult to know where to begin when coming up with solutions that tackle such lofty problems. We'll walk you through the clear thought processes necessary in order to create these worldchanging solutions. We wanna hold your haaaaaaaaaaand as much as possible. 


Foster lasting connections and friendships between like-hearted Worldchangers.

We're here to help you find your Taylor Swift Squad. You'll get an opportunity, not only to engage with your own teams, but to engage with people on other teams as well. Build up those connections that are going to help you to change the world later. Or today. Whichever comes first. 



Generate tangible solutions to critical international challenges.

We can dream big; Of course we can. If there's anyone that knows about dreaming big, it's us. But we want to create TANGIBLE solutions. AKA the type of solutions that could actually be put into practice tomorrow if we wanted to. We want to be able to walk out that door and say that we've developed an idea that could work in the real world, and be taken seriously by the experts who make decisions.


Spark new strategies of how to lead teams, ideate, and begin building new business models for social change.

We believe that Worldchanging is a business, and that some of the key skills to changing the world step beyond practical knowledge of the SDGS, jargon, and important systems, but that it's also essential to develop key leadership and business understanding as well. Things like - how to lead a team effectively, how to be an impactful follower, how to crunch numbers, and how to measure impact. 



Become Beyonce.

Well... we can dream, can't we?