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UNITE 2030 Registration


Congratulations on being accepted to #UNITE2030! You have been accepted amongst thousands of applicants, and we are thrilled to welcome you to the #UNITE2030 Community.

Your registration is not yet complete until you pay the £50 registration fee. By completing registration and paying the fee, you will be officially registered for the UNITE 2030 Summit you have applied for. Your registration for UNITE 2030 is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Your registration fee welcomes you to our growing community of #UNITE2030 Worldchangers. After you attend UNITE 2030, you will become a UNITE 2030 Ambassador, giving you access to a broad community of changemakers from across the world, as well as access to events and resources that help you bring your changemaking initiatives to life.

Please note, this is a virtual summit, and therefore does not require travel. The £50 fee is a flat rate, and there are no other expenses associated with participating in a UNITE 2030 Summit.

If you wish to fundraise the cost of your registration, you may find a fundraising letter with letterhead here.

Alternative payment methods can be found here.

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