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Stories of Impact

Kirsty - UK

“Thanks to UNITE 2030 I looked more at the Sustainable Development Goals and I looked into ways I could reduce my impact on the environment. I started making more conscious choices related to my lifestyle, products and diet. By living more consciously I've found I am much happier as I'm living in a way that's truer to my values. This allows me to show up as a more authentic version of myself in all that I do and I believe that through being this person more of the time I am more likely to find how I may help the world in the best way.

I think before UNITE 2030 I was focused so much on the defence industry but UNITE opened my eyes to the wider world. I realised how important it is for me to feel valued for who I am and not the job I do. I'm a more conscious and deliberate person now. I try to live by my values so I can be authentic to the best version of myself because it's that version that will help 'save the world'.”