Stories of Impact

Ryan - Singapore

“I decided to apply for UNITE 2030 as I felt strongly about economic and social discrimination in sport. I also wanted to spend more of my time working on social problems rather than merely my own. (Ha!) At the same time, I thought it was important for us as young people to be civic minded and be aware to the problems of the world beyond our own and our societies. UNITE2030 gave me and my team a wonderful platform to share our ideas and learn from some of the best and brightest, who in turn shared their own expertise on how to conceptualize and build a successful organisation.

I've come away more confident in myself and in my own abilities to conceptualize and build solutions to problems that I care about. I still keep in touch with my teammates, who have been doing amazing things in their respective countries. After UNITE 2030, I've felt that I had a better understanding of what makes an organisation, let alone an NGO, sustainable and impactful. I also realized the importance of following your mission and vision when developing your idea -- and to always keep them in mind as you're working on the proposal.

UNITE 2030 gave me a chance to remedy that discomfort by actually stepping up and spending 48 hours together with other passionate young people who wanted to find solutions to the same issues. Through the process, I learnt more about myself and what I can do when I feel genuinely motivated by a cause. After UNITE 2030, I became a lot more conscious about social issues and have learnt to inflect my future study of technological solutions through this newly discovered lens of social responsibility.”