According to the World Bank, poverty has remained almost unchanged between 2007 and 2014, with 37.5% of the population of Cameroon living beneath the poverty line. Economic disparities between rural and urban areas have also grown considerably. Progress on poverty and equality is undermined by Boko Haram-related insecurity issues, and ongoing crisis in the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon. Poverty exacerbates issues such as gender discrimination in Cameroon, where poor parents prefer to prioritize male children over female in most domains.

UNITExCameroon is a 48-hour, virtual ‘hackathon’ style event aimed at uniting young Cameroonians to work together in teams to ideate, formulate, and develop new, innovative, community-based solutions to poverty, hunger, and quality education, with the mission of reducing inequality within the country, thereby promoting unity.

Young leaders are selected to attend the Summit via a competitive selection processes, based on proven leadership ability/potential, passion, dedication, and impact. Building a strong and passionate community is UNITExCameroon’s first priority, and the UNITExCameroon team selects its participants based on merit, innovation, and passion for making Cameroon a better place.

Please note: to be eligible to attend UNITExCameroon, you must be a citizen of Cameroon and between ages 18-30 to attend the Summit.

UNITExCameroon is an independently organized UNITE Summit, meaning that it is hosted by Global Ambassadors from the local communities, and licensed and supported by The International Development House.


About UNITExCameroon


On April 6-7, 2019, Cameroonian changemakers will gather for a two-day virtual “hackathon” to take action against poverty in Cameroon. During the weekend, Delegates will work in teams to develop new solutions to poverty and inequalities in Cameroon, and will develop their solution into an “Action Plan.” Their Action Plans will be reviewed and scored by a panel of world-class judges, and presented to the entire Summit. Teams will have the opportunity to have their ideas for how to create positive change heard, and after the Summit, can bring their ideas to life.


Are you dedicated to eliminating poverty in cameroon?

Being a UNITEx Delegate is a privilege — one that is earned. UNITEx is not just a Summit, but a global community, and for that reason, each UNITE 2030x calls upon the world’s most dedicated and passionate young leaders to UNITE together to develop new solutions to global challenges. We seek the most passionate young minds to join our community, who are ready to work hard to effect change in their community, not just attend a one-off Summit.

The UNITExCameroon team reviews applications on a rolling basis, and selects its delegates based on merit, dedication to creating change, and impact. We recommend applying as soon as possible to avoid being disappointed.


XAF 5000

Attend UNITExCameroon, including all access to mentorship, workshops, and further support for your ideas

Access to our global network of changemakers across all UNITE Summits

Exclusive access to digital resources after the Summit

Events hosted by world-class experts

Local Ambassadorship title after the Summit is finished, with the ability to host and attend events, support UNITE and The IDHouse, and be a champion for change in your community.

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