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Welcome to #UNITE2030.

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UNITE 2030 is a virtual, 2-day hackathon for the Sustainable Development Goals. 


Our mission for Unite 2030 is to unite the next generation of worldchangers in order to ignite social change by turning their passion into action.

The theme of UNITE 2030 - 2018 is Uniting Youth for Equality. 

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Upcoming Dates


Early Bird Application
1st February 2018 - 18th February 2018

Early-bird tickets are £15 if you apply and are accepted before the 19th of February. 

General application
19th February 2018 - 28th March 2018

General Application tickets are £35 if you register on or after the 19th of February. Be sure to apply before the end of March to assure you have a spot.

unite 2030
7th April 2018 - 8th april 2018

UNITE 2030 is held over two days in April, from 9am - 7pm on the first day, and 9am - 9pm on the second day. All times are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). 


UNITE 2030 -

Uniting Youth for Equality.