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We are passionate. dedicated. influential. UNITE 2030.


What is UNITE 2030?


UNITE 2030 is a global, virtual, innovation summit that brings together hundreds of young people from all over the world to develop creative solutions to the world's most critical challenges, building lasting global friendships & networks around the SDGs.


Worldchangers from around the globe convene virtually for a 48-hour Hackathon competition, are presented with a global challenge based on their sDG of choice, and spend 2 days working in international teams to tackle that challenge. Throughout the 48 hours, Worldchangers attend hosted by world-class experts, and work closely with their team to quickly, and diligently address the challenge. Teams present their solutions within the framework that we provide. Judges will select finalists, and then winners, who will take home the title of UNITE 2030 Global Champions.


What We Do


Find the world's most dedicated, passionate, and driven aspiring worldchangers with the vision to transform the world by the year 2030.

spend 48 hours working together to develop solutions to the world's most critical challenges.

Support winning ideas with ongoing support, ensuring that the most innovative and viable ideas actually transform the problems they set out to change.

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How to Get Involved 

Step 1: Find the Next UNITE 2030 or UNITE x Event & Apply                  


Step 2: If you are accepted, register for UNITE 2030                     


Step 3: Attend UNITE 2030, and begin taking action on the issues that you care about

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What Makes Us Different


We believe in the power of new ideas, and while there are many incredible programs that exist, we're different from the rest.

There is no other program in the world that utilizes technology like we do. Our global programmes are virtual, bringing together young people from all backgrounds to bring their perspectives and ideas to the table.

We have also created an ecosystem of new ideas that actually have the potential to become a reality. At the end of the day, ideas can only take us so far, it's the action we take that will bring us closer to 2030. 


What is a Hackathon? **

A Hackathon is an immersive event in which people step out of their comfort zone, working by themselves or with others, to break down a problem. Hackathons come in all shapes and sizes. They're really popular in the gaming/tech community. They're excellent learning experiences, and help walk you through the processes that come alongside solving problems.

Is there a cost to participating in UNITE 2030? **

Participating in UNITE 2030 is mostly funded, however we do require a small payment in order to secure your space. This accounts for the time spent allocating your team, designating team mentors, etc. The Alumni cost is £15, the Early-Bird cost is £25, and the General cost is £35.

Do you pay for my flights / visa / accommodation? Do you sponsor my visa? **

UNITE 2030 is an entirely virtual event. Meaning you don't need a flight, visa, or accommodation to participate in UNITE 2030. What makes UNITE 2030 truly special is that we have the ability to bring together people from all over the world, regardless of socioeconomic background. All you need is access to the internet, and you're ready to go.

Can you waive my registration fee / provide sponsorship to attend?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any financial aid or scholarships for people who want to participate in UNITE 2030. We purposely keep the costs extremely low so that they are relatively affordable for most of the world. We recommend looking for sponsorship elsewhere if you want to participate in UNITE 2030.

Do I need an idea to come to UNITE? **

Nope! Some Hackathons require that you come to the event with an idea in mind. We ain't doing it that way. When the Hackathon begins, you'll receive information with your prompt - and part of the Hackathon process is coming up with an idea while you're there. All you need to bring to the Hackathon is an energised spirit and willingness to learn.

What do I create when I'm there? **

We'll explain everything on the day. You'll more or less come up with a business or project idea based on the scenario we give you. Your team will come up with an Action Plan, and provide us with documentation showing that you've thought through how you'll implement that Action Plan. But have faith :)

What do I get for participating in the event? **

Everyone who participates in UNITE 2030 will get a certificate of participation once they've completed the event. Winning teams will gain support from our team to turn their project into reality.

Do I have to know how to code? **

NO! This is a non-coding event. While we do occasionally use the word "hackathon" to describe UNITE 2030, there is no coding or hacking involved. This is an ideas-based hackathon, not a technology based hackathon. If you are hoping to code, you may be disappointed!

Do I have to stay at UNITE 2030 the entire time? **

Yes. You are required to attend UNITE 2030 for the entire duration of the event. If you leave for a substantial amount of time at any point, you will not be permitted to rejoin the event.

Can I join a team with my friend? **

You can certainly register with a friend if you are both accepted to the program. However, your teams are designated and divided by The IDHouse team and we are unable to guarantee you will be put on a team with your friend.

How are the teams formed? **

When you register for UNITE, you'll preference your top SDGs of choice, out of the ones that we'll be tackling during the event. We can't promise that you'll get your first SDG of choice, but we'll try our very best to make sure that everyone gets to work on a project that they're passionate about.

Do we work through the night? **

The short answer is... it's up to your team! Official programming stops at 7pm UK time on Saturday, and resumes again at 9am on Sunday. If your team so decides, you are welcome to continue working / or not working in the interim between Saturday and Sunday.

Do we need to actually implement our project? **

We love to see your ideas implemented after UNITE 2030. While you are under no obligation to do so, we offer support to those projects who wish to carry on after UNITE 2030.

Who owns the rights to our project when we're finished?

The great thing is that YOU do! All individuals and teams retain full ownership of your ideas when UNITE is over. We want you to feel safe knowing that all of your project ideas are yours for the keeping.

Is there a Hashtag for the event? **

Duh! It's #UNITE2030, and #TheIDHouse.

I have a question. How do I reach you? **

You can tweet us @TheIDHouse, or email the lead event organiser