started in 2018, UNITE 2030 has become the leading action-based forum for positive change in the world.


We’re tired of the “talk the talk” forums. You know the ones - you spend $1,000 on registration, a plane ticket, and hotels to sit in a conference room and listen to experts speak for 3 days, you make a few connections, and you leave. There’s no follow through, there’s no action, there’s nothing. UNITE 2030 is the opposite of that. If you’ve ever felt alone in your mission to change the world, UNITE 2030 will show you that the world is your oyster, connect you with like-minded changemakers from across the globe, and give you the opportunity to take action on the critical challenges facing the world.

UNITE 2030 is not just a Summit. UNITE 2030 is a global community that starts with the Summit, and continues with you.


UNITE 2030 is a global community of changemakers who are dedicated to taking action to change the world.


We believe in the power of Action to create change, which is the spirit that we capture in each of our UNITE 2030 Summits. We host several UNITE 2030 Summits throughout the year, both local and global, that unify powerful young voices from across the globe with the aim of creating new solutions to global challenges.

By attending a UNITE 2030 Summit, you will join our Global Community of Ambassadors who are creating change across the world. Being an Ambassador is an immense privilege, and gives you the opportunity to be UNITE 2030’s representative in your community, and connect with a wide variety of changemakers across all sectors, opening the door to extraordinary opportunities that can help you achieve your dreams of creating a positive impact.


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UNITE Summits are immersive, action-based forums dedicated to empowering young leaders to create positive change.


UNITE Summits are “hackathon-style” events that empower youth to develop their own solutions to the challenges facing our world. Each UNITE Summit takes a unique theme that tackles one or more social issue, and Delegates who attend work in teams for the duration of the Summit to develop a solution to that particular social issue. Teams will draft an Action Plan for how they will implement their solution, and attend workshops and work with world-class mentors throughout the Summit.


Our community

Our Community spans far and wide across every single continent and over 100 countries. UNITE 2030 Ambassadors represent every corner of the globe and are creating change, both globally and in their local communities. From sexual & reproductive health to clean energy, to quality education, our UNITE 2030 Ambassadors are taking on the biggest issues facing our world.

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